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 As "The State University" and the site of New Jersey's (Land Grant) college of agriculture (Cook College), Rutgers receives many inquiries about orphaned animals, wild animal pests, veterinary care, veterinary medicine as a career, pets and other wierd and interesting things. Because we are the veterinarians for the University, many of these calls eventually find their way to Laboratory Animal Services.

Although we can't answer every question, we try our best. Often, we don't know the answer, but we know someone who does. There are no stupid questions if you don't know the answer, but some are more interesting than others. On this page we share with you some of the questions we have tried to answer, and give you an opportunity to ask questions of your own. You may find that we have already answered your question. You may decide that we're so consistently unhelpful that you'll go ask someone else. That's OK too! Or, you might just decide that it's fun to read our answers. 

In setting up our Home Cage web site, we have tried to provide information on many of the topics people ask about. But if you can't find what you want, send us a question.

Dr. Robert Harris is the Director of Laboratory Animal Services at Rutgers and is a veterinarian with much experience working with the animal kingdom. Before coming to Rutgers many years ago, he worked with dogs, cats and other pets. If you have a question to which you cannot find an answer, ASK DR. BOB. Dr. Harris will also answer any questions that you have about biomedical research using animals.