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Care And Use of Animals At Rutgers

 A Manual For Research Personnel

Some of the information on the following pages is only accessible to Rutgers Faculty, Staff and students. Chapters marked with a "*" are accessible to everyone. LAS regrets any inconvenience this may cause you.

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  1. Preface*
  2. Laboratory Animal Services - An Overview*
  3. Animal Care and Use Laws And Regulations*
  4. Rutgers University Institutional Animal Care And Use Committee
  5. Animal Use Protocol Review Form Procedures & Information
  6. Animal Facilities, Policies And Procedures
  7. Animal Procurement Policies And Procedures
  8. LAS Veterinary Services
  9. Animal Surgery Procedures
  10. Anesthesia, Analgesia and Recognition of Pain
  11. Animal Euthanasia
  12. Occupational Health And Safety
  13. Genetics Definitions*


  1. Animal Vendors
  2. Equipment Vendors
  3. Standard Beddings
  4. Standard Diets
  5. Rutgers Animal Care and Use Policies
  6. LAS Documents
  7. LAS Internal Forms
  8. LAS Office
  9. Animal Care Per Diem Rates
Care And Use of Animals at Rutgers is a publication of Rutgers Laboratory Animal Services. Updated July, 1998, Dr. Robert L. Harris, Dan Teich