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Rutgers Animal Care & Use "Documents"

The Rutgers Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (the committee formerly known as the Rutgers Animal Care and Facilities Committee) has written "documents" ("policies" with a small "p", "guidelines" if you will) to guide Rutgers investigators in the appropriate and humane care of animals used in research and teaching. Documents have generally been developed because the procedures are in common use. Compliance with the documents facilitates preparation and review of animal use protocols. Following guidelines and procedures set forth in these documents, investigators can expect approval of procedures without further questions from the protocol review committee. Compliance with the documents does not relieve investigators of the need to describe their procedures on the protocol review form. Procedures not consistent with these documents may be allowed but must be thoroughly justified on scientific grounds.

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"This approach requires that users ... use professional judgment in making specific decisions regarding animal care and use." The Guide

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