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Butler Veterinary and Henry Schein have merged their veterinary supply businesses. If you plan to order from the new company, you will need to create a new account. If you order "legend drugs" (i.e. prescription items) they will ask for an "IACUC letter" to demonstrate that you are a legitimate researcher. The company will accept a copy of any animal use protocol notice of approval (use the one with the latest expiration date). The protocol PI and account holder should be the same name. You may wish to redact information on your notice of approval (e.g. key words in the protocol title, conditions of approval). If you need a copy of your letter of approval contact Lauren Zizza or Thao Williams  in the Office of Research Regulatory Affairs. If you were previously unable to order veterinary supplies because you do not have a DEA registration, you should now be able to order non-controlled substances without a DEA registration.

Penn Vet  will also honor a protocol notice of approval.

Research funding from ACLAM Foundation (rev. june 2010)

“Hi, I’m a laboratory animal veterinarian and I’m here to help you!”

The American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine (ACLAM) is an organization that among other things certifies veterinarians as specialists in the field of laboratory animal medicine. (Dr. Harris and Dr. Miller are ACLAM Diplomates.) The ACLAM Foundation funds research grants designed to expand the body of knowledge in the fields of Laboratory Animal Science and Medicine. The focus for funding is on research related to laboratory animal science and medicine in the following five broad areas: analgesia/anesthesia; animal behavior/well-being; diagnostics/diseases of laboratory animals; laboratory animal husbandry; refinement of animal models, including toxicology; and zoonotic disease. Grants are typically awarded for $15,000.

The mission of the ACLAM Foundation is to award high quality research grants that will increase the body of knowledge in laboratory animal science and medicine. The deadline for proposals is generally in February. The application process is simple compared to those of most funding agencies. The initial application requires only a 2-page (maximum) pre-proposal. The most recent RFP is also available on the ACLAM web site. As of September 2006 over $1 million has been awarded since inception of the program in 1997.

Please feel free to contact CMR if you wish guidance on preparing an application.